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Upcoming Programs for 2020

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Now we can Strike!




Pad Work

Cardio Strength

Kicks, elbows, punches and clinches. Anything goes in the MMA Class. It will be mainly based on the Striking side of MMA as the Groundwork will be covered in the extended NoGi Curriculum.

Let's Get Flexible...

Yoga for BJJ


Increased Flexibility

Reduced Injury

Better Conditioning

We all know that Flexibility and working the core is essential in any sport. We will be introducing Yoga for BJJ program in 2020. This is part of what the RGA Team wants to build and we will lead the way!

Get the Skins Out!

More NoGi

Foot Locks

Heel Hooks

Arm Drags

Double Legs

Are most popular and ever expanding classes are now NoGi. We regularly get 30-40 students on the mat. If this is something that you want to explore, we are doubling the classes in 2020!

We have Developed a Systemised method for you to Have a Pathway to Your Blue Belt

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PS: If you're anything like us, you just skipped to the end. So here's the gist... we want you to train as long as you're willing to put the effort in to the program and actually show up and do your part. Our intention is to get you to the rank of Blue Belt within one year, with amazing results to your health while having a great experience. So much so that we hope you stay on after your free trial period and go all the way to Blue Belt... but you're not obligated to by any stretch. **** Most People Stay because they Love Training here so much - you've been warned ****

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