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Parents! We are in the UNIQUE Position to Offer a Very Exclusive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Experience…

could your child defend themselves?

Our Parents and Kids program is becoming one of the most successful connection experiences in the country.

Why Unique?

At Roger Gracie Bolton we have two mats that can be operational at the same time. One is where the adults work out and the other is where the kids train.

Limited Time Offer...

Free One-Hour BJJ Intro Class
Usable Techniques from 1st Class
If your child decides to join A FREE UNIFORM*

* Only if the Session is Booked within the Offer Deadline!

Jiu Jitsu is undoubtably the most effective martial art in the world but having mad skills is more that just being a tough guy… it’s more about the confidence it breeds which is essential in all walks of life. It helps make more situations manageable and keeps intimidation to a minimum. This can only help in an environment where anxiety is rampant.

They’ll learn how to communicate effectively WITHOUT having to fight. They’ll be able to de-escalate a situation and turn a bully into a buddy. They will build their focus and discipline to fulfill their potential as they grow – at home, at school. At college and into their adult lives.

Physical fitness and well being are a side effect of this type of training.

Our Adults and children schedule allows families to practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the same time… there’s no boredom for the kids while a parent trains and no hanging around while a child trains. Arrive together, workout together and go home together. SIMPLE!

It can’t be emphasised enough how having a sport in common with a child creates an amazingly strong bond.

Having a mutual interest that is healthy and positive is such a boost to todays parenting where kids are plastered to their Game Boys, X-Box’s and iPads…

We all know Physical Exercise is super important … but Jiu Jitsu adds so much more. As parents (I’m a Dad and Grandad) we all know how hard it can be with the amount of BULLYING so prevalent in schools today.

The sad fact is we can’t be there all the time. We need to give our children the skills to survive and protect themselves in a world that is becoming more violent.

Book a slot to Ask ANY Questions and see if we're a Good Fit plus get a Free Intro Class.

DON'T MISS OUT! If you Book Your Session Before the Deadline above and there will be a FREE UNIFORM for your child and even a deal on the Membership...

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