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Roger Gracie Academy Bolton

We offer world-class level Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction for individuals, families, and Police Officers of the Greater Manchester area and is a reference for fitness, character development, self-defence, martial art, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training for the communities of Bolton, Walkden, Swinton, Atherton, Leigh and Wigan.

The Roger Gracie Bolton classes are aligned with the RGA Program Structure developed by 10 times World Champion Roger Gracie to meet specific learning needs from people with different ages, gender and levels. Our clean, friendly, and progress oriented environment allows the students to have a challenging, inspirational, and warm learning and training experience that always make them feel like coming back.

RGA Bolton is for anyone who values discipline, wellness, martial art, respect, and is looking for a well-balanced lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you are a person with no training background that wants to lose weight or learn self-defence, a busy businessman looking for a stress relieving activity, a parent searching for something to complement the education of your kids, or an experienced martial artist aiming for the further development of your fighting skills, come to the school.

We are sure you will find at our school an exciting and challenging place that will allow you to achieve your goals.

Roger is 10 times World BJJ Champion and the head of the RGA Association. He is the grandson of the founder of the art, Carlos Gracie. The Gracie family has been the driving force in the growth of Jiu-Jitsu and the revolution in the martial arts around the world.

Roger Gracie

Head Instructor

Barry trained for 8 years in the USA, before returning to the UK. He concentrated on building an academy to invite all comers into the BJJ Lifestyle and show people in the UK the impact Jiu Jitsu can make on their lives.

Barry Crowther

Black Belt 1st Degree

Coach Rick brings ten plus years of martial arts experience to the mat. He is a seasoned Thai boxer as well as a very experienced BJJ practitioner. He coaches the Fundamentals program on Monday and Tuesday to packed classes!

Rick Mooney

Brown Belt

Coach Gaz is the Assistant to Paul on the Junior mat. He's an essential part of the team that built the Junior Comp team and can be seen at local tournaments cornering the Junior Champions. He makes the classes fun but challenging for all the kids.

Gaz Foster

Blue Belt

Greg is a seasoned ex-MMA Pro. He heads up our NoGi and Submission Grappling programs. His skills in the Gi are also very high level providing coaching in the Sub Grappling classes and combining with the new MMA Curriculum. 

Greg Grimshaw

Brown Belt

Ade is a military veteran with a background in Sport Ju Jitsu before he started full time in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He coaches our Friday Night Fundamentals program and brings a wealth of martial arts experience to the classes.

Ade Donnely

Blue Belt

Coach Alex is a regular on the mats assisting with the daytime classes with Coach Ade and running the Weekend Open mat classes. He is also a Black Belt in Kempo and one of the Founder members of RGA Bolton.

Alex Jones

Blue Belt

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Meet like minded individuals on the same martial arts and self-improvement journey!

Improved Energy

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu helps improve coordination and is an excellent form of exercise.

Testimonials From Students

We have hundreds of Happy Students and Tons of Reviews Online.

Julie Neilan, Purple Belt, RGA Bolton

Julie started training in Jiu Jitsu over Four years ago and has maintained a steady and consistent training routine. Time on the mat is an essential element to improving in BJJ as it is with any other martial art. As a woman training in a tough environment she proves that anyone can achieve their goals in Jiu Jitsu. 

Paul King, Purple Belt, RGA Bolton

Paul has always shown an interest in martial arts and as the owner of a large security firm he uses BJJ as an example of how to stay safe in an unsafe environment. Initially as a way to keep in shape and stay healthy he now coaches the most successful junior team in the UK. Consisting of several World and European champions. The medals keep coming!

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