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This is only open to previous Gracie Barra Bolton students. No one else will have access to this program! And we will never offer this program again. Once it's over its gone!

Be First...

We have to Limit the number. Obviously we can't do such an amazing deal unlimited to anyone. The maximum number we can take is 10 in December - End of Story

Satisfaction Guarantee

Re-Join and get the bonuses. If you are still not into the BJJ Lifestyle then just email me for a refund of the January payment. No quibbles or excuses!

Upcoming Programs for 2020

All included in your membership!

Now we can Strike!




Pad Work

Cardio Strength

Kicks, elbows, punches and clinches. Anything goes in the MMA Class. It will be mainly based on the Striking side of MMA as the Groundwork will be covered in the extended NoGi Curriculum.

Let's Get Flexible...

Yoga for BJJ


Increased Flexibility

Reduced Injury

Better Conditioning

We all know that Flexibility and working the core is essential in any sport. We will be introducing Yoga for BJJ program in 2020. This is part of what the RGA Team wants to build and we will lead the way!

Get the Skins Out!

More NoGi

Foot Locks

Heel Hooks

Arm Drags

Double Legs

Are most popular and ever expanding classes are now NoGi. We regularly get 30-40 students on the mat. If this is something that you want to explore, we are doubling the classes in 2020!

Boxing Day Only Offer

Due to our departure from Gracie Barra, we can now allow ALL previous students to Re-Join RGA Bolton at a huge 40% discount. This means that for the next 12 months, you will only pay £33 per month and still get the same program benefits as a regular student.

We only have 10 Spots on this Program. And can only keep it going until the day after boxing day or the Direct Debit system won't be able to handle the short notice. Once it's gone though, it's gone.

We really want past members to come back. We all know the benefits of BJJ. It's just a case of turning up and training! It's doesn't get any more accessible than this!


An Unmissable Past Member  Re-Uptake Deal is Waiting for You!

SOLD OUT! Special One-Off Bonus!


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