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Can I Get a FREE Trial?

The short answer is YES. You need to Book for a FREE Training Slot on any of the pages within the WebSite. This will let you book a call with me first and then I will book you into a no-cost, no-obligation trial.

When Are You Open?

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How Much is Membership?

Go to Our Pricing Page. Click HERE.

How Can I Pay?

We DO NOT have a contract, but we do take all payments via Direct Debit. This makes it easier for the academy and keeps the cost of running the memberships cheaper.

Can I Pay for the Year in Full?

Yes, you can pay for the Year in Full. You will get a 20% discount for paying in full.

Is There a Discount for Services?

Yes. You will get a 20% discount for any member of the Blue Light Services or Armed Services. This applies to the monthly or Annual Membership.

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