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flexible pricing plans

Our Pricing Strategy is really simple...

These are just some of the benefits of Joining RGA Bolton:

Memberships are payable via Direct Debit
If you are an out-of-town visitor or want to pay a one-ff mat fee then please call ahead for details
You can pay annually and in advance and receive a 20% discount.
Discounts available for Medical, Forces, Fire and Police - Ask at Reception
Family Discounts also Apply
All Classes available 7 Days per week including mornings and lunchtimes. Unlimited classes apply to all memberships.
Over 50 Classes per week


So How Much are the Programs?

We do not operate a contract policy. All memberships are paid via direct debit on a month-to-month basis.

BJJ Program

All Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Programs for all students. Unlimited


Fundamental Classes
Sub Grappling Classes
MMA Classes
Competition Classes
And Much More....

Junior Champs Program

Classes for the Teens and Kids. Family Discounts are available.


Tiny Champs (Ages 4-7)
Junior Champs (Ages 8-15)
Teen Classes (13-16)
Advanced Comp Classes
And Much More....

MMA Program

Specialist for JUST those students wanting MMA and NoGi BJJ


Sub Grappling
Striking Classes
Dedicated MMA Area
Advanced NoGi 
And Much More....

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