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Our TimeTable is Extensive. We are a full time BJJ Facility offering classes in the morning, afternoon and evening. This is seven days a week and ranges from Yoga to NoGi Submission Grappling. As with any progressive academy we are constantly upgrading and adding facilities and programs so the easiest way to get a copy of our most up to date TimeTable is to download it and save it to your phone or tape it to the fridge. Click the button below to get the latest version.


7:00am - Fundamentals - A
8:00am - Live Training
9:30am - Drills and Skills
6:00pm - Tiny Champs (4-7)
6:30pm - Junior Champs (8-15)
6:30pm - Fundamentals
7:30pm - Intermediate
8:30pm - Live Training


7am - Yoga
12:00pm - Fundamentals A
6:30pm - Intermediate
7:30pm - Live Training and Stand-up Specifics


7am - Fundamentals - B
8:00am - Live Training
9:30am - Nogi
5:30pm - Live Training
6:00pm - Tiny Champs (4-7) 
6:30pm - Junior Champions (8-15)
6:30pm - Fundamentals B
7:30pm - Live Training
7:30pm - Yoga


7:00am -  Yoga
12:00pm - Fundamentals B
6:30pm - Fundamentals B
7:30pm - MMA


7:00am - Intermediate
12:00pm - Nogi


No scheduled classes. Contact us for private one-to-one and group sessions.


10:30am - Fundamentals Recap
11:30am - Live Training

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